Annual Verification Certificate

Essential Property Services advises that essential services inspections, Fire Advisory Services and an annual verification certificate are some of the services provided to ensure clients' buildings are safe and meet the obligations under the essential services regulations leading to the issuing of the annual verification certificate.

Annual Verification Certificate: Essential Services

Essential Property Services is a specialist in essential services. EPS staff, audits, logbooks and systems enable owners, managers, owner corporations, engineers and tenants to meet their essential services obligations under statutory control requirements, including the provision of an Annual Verification Certificate Learn More

Statement Monitoring: Annual Verification Certificate

EPS provides a Specialist Maintenance Contractors Monitoring Service that monitors your contractor's essential services compliance through our unique software that leads to the issuing of the Annual Verification Certificate. Our essential services statement monitoring service ensures that your statutory requirements are met through the provision by maintenance contractors, of a statement certifying that essential services inspections and maintenance has been performed to the clients' contracts, based on essential services legislation for the Annual Verification CertificateLearn More

Logbook Audits: Annual Verification Certificate

We provide clients with a comprehensive essential services Specialist Maintenance Contractor logbook audit service to ensure the Annual Verification Certificate is accurate. This essential services logbook audit service safeguards the interests of the owner and manager by ensuring that the contractor's services are being provided in accordance with their essential services maintenance contract that leads to the signing of the Annual Verification CertificateLearn More

Fire Door Inspections: Annual Verification Certificate

EPS also offers fire and smoke doors inspection and consultancy services to meet the requirements of the Annual Verification Certificate. Fire and smoke doors are nominated as essential services and must be inspected to ensure they comply with fire rating, integrity, operational effectiveness and hardware requirements detailed within the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards before the issuing of the Annual Verification Certificate. EPS will provide a written essential services report of areas of non-compliance and provide a signed essential services logbook of inspection to ensure compliance with legislation requirements.  Learn More

Essential Property Services: Annual Verification Certificate

Essential Property Services has the necessary experience to assist clients in all facets concerning the Annual Verification Certificate.

Building Legislation Table: Annual Verification Certificate

Refer to our Building Legislation Table for further information surrounding the Annual Verification Certificate process.